Groove Dance Class / Michelle

Join Michelle's Groove dance classes this summer at The Oval Bandstand and dance your way to fitness and fun while..

Kettlebell Training / Nathan

Nathan's Kettlebell Training session is a 45-minute workout that follows a HIIT approach, catering to individuals of all fitness levels,..

Little Champs Boxing / Matar

Welcome to Little Champs boxing classes at The Oval Bandstand, suitable for everyone aged 4 and above! Get ready to..

Wellness for Women: Pelvic Floor & More / Julie

Julie invites women of all ages to join her in learning how to effectively manage pelvic floor, tummy, and lower..

Meno-FIT Training Program / Sarah

Welcome to the MenoFIT Training Program! The 4 to 8 week course is specifically tailored for women navigating peri/menopause, but..

Pilates / Gemma

Gemma offers Pilates classes suitable for all ages and experience levels. With minimal equipment required, participants need only bring themselves..