Groove Dance Class / Michelle

Join Michelle’s Groove dance classes this summer at The Oval Bandstand and dance your way to fitness and fun while reconnecting with nature and taking charge of your wellbeing.

In Michelle’s Groove classes, you’ll experience a unique dance system designed to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. Say goodbye to short-term chemical solutions and embrace long-term health through regular activity and a balanced diet.

Escape the pressure of societal standards and embrace your natural rhythm with dancing. Groove classes offer a supportive environment where you can move freely and release stress while strengthening your body and mind.

Amidst the challenges of our hectic lives, dancing offers a powerful tool for transformation and resilience. Experience the physical benefits of increased strength, flexibility, and balance, while also finding psychological support to navigate life’s changes with greater ease.

Join Michelle on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through dance and movement. Let’s redefine ourselves and embrace the magic of connecting with our true selves.

Frequency, Duration and Location

  • Thursdays, 7pm – 7:45pm (in the bandstand)

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  • £8 per session

Enquiries and Bookings

Please phone or text Michelle on +447908184104, send a message via social media, or email using the contact form below.

Website: Groove

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