Ecology Group

Here at The Oval’s Ecology Group, we’re passionate about making a difference in our local environment. Every week (time TBC) we gather as a team of dedicated volunteers and staff to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Planting shrubs, herbaceous plants, and tending to tasks like weeding and watering plants are just some of the ways we actively contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our ecosystem.

But our ambitions extend far beyond the weekly meet-ups and general maintenance. In 2024, we’re gearing up for an array of exciting projects that promise to leave a lasting impact on our surroundings. From the creation of major new wildlife corridors to the establishment of tiny forests and the development of a vibrant wellness garden, there’s no shortage of innovation and enthusiasm within our group.

One of our most significant endeavours involves crafting our very own Ecology Plan. This strategic document will outline our vision for the next five years, serving as a roadmap for our efforts to nurture and revitalise the natural world around us.

At the heart of everything we do lies a set of core aims. First and foremost, we’re committed to enhancing biodiversity within The Oval Bandstand & Lawns. By creating spaces where flora and fauna can thrive, we’re not only safeguarding local wildlife but also enriching the environment for generations to come.

Additionally, community-led projects form an integral part of our mission. We believe in the power of collective action and actively seek to involve residents in our initiatives, fostering a sense of ownership and stewardship over the green spaces we cherish.

Finally, we recognise the urgent need to address ecological degradation and climate change. Through our efforts, we aim to mitigate the impacts of these pressing issues, working towards a more sustainable and resilient future for our community and beyond.

As we embark on this journey, we invite everyone to join us in our quest to nurture nature and foster a stronger, more interconnected community. Together, we can make a difference.

Our Core Values:

  • Organic Practices: We strictly avoid pesticides or herbicides, adhering to organic principles in all our endeavours.
  • Harmony Between Humans and Animals: We believe that parks should serve as spaces where both humans and animals, whether domesticated or wild, can coexist in peaceful harmony.
  • Community-Nature Connection: Parks hold a crucial role in bridging communities with the natural world, fostering appreciation and stewardship of our environment.
  • Green Corridors for Biodiversity: Our vision includes establishing a network of habitats within our park, creating green corridors that link with other green spaces in Cliftonville, promoting biodiversity and ecological resilience.