Production Policy

The Agreement

  • For theatrical productions we typically offer a 70/30 box office split in the visiting Production Company’s favour. We will consider a show buy-out arrangement for a Production, or even a combination of buy-out and box office.
  • Concert promoters have the option to engage in a co-producing arrangement at a 50/50 split, dividing the financial risks equally. Alternatively, we can propose an 80/20 split favouring the promoter, along with a negotiable venue hire charge based on factors like maximum occupancy and ticket price. 
  • Inclement weather is not an appropriate reason for cancellation as shows go ahead in all weather conditions, the only exception is if there’s a legitimate risk to the health and safety of the cast and audience.
  • The Oval will manage all food and drink offerings on site.
  • The visiting Production Company / Promoter will manage all programme and merchandising sales, unless agreed in advance with the Venue.

Venue Information

  • The Oval is located in Cliftonville, which is an area in Margate, and our summer season runs from April to September annually.
  • The Oval is owned and operated by GRASS Cliftonville CIC who reopened it as an events venue in July 2021 following a community asset transfer of the freehold from Thanet District Council.
  • The Oval has a maximum audience capacity of 499 based on our current toilet provision, additional portable toilets are required to exceed this limit up to a maximum audience capacity of 999. Seating is tiered and in a partial in-the-round amphitheatre layout.
  • The Oval venue can provide up to 500 of it’s own chairs/deckchairs to be set-out within the amphitheatre as per our standard Seating Layouts or as agreed with the visiting Production Company. Additional chairs would need to be hired in.
  • If a sound mixing booth is required front-of-house seating capacity may be reduced.
  • For events with an ‘all standing’ audience capacity over 499 a crush barrier must be installed.
  • A fully enclosed gazebo can be provided by the Venue to serve as a changing/green room for Performers within a secure backstage area. The main building on site has toilets and basic kitchen facilities.
  • The hexagonal fixed bandstand stage is 8m deep and 8m wide. The stage floor is paved concrete and the bandstand structure is metal. A temporary 10m x 5m stage can be erected in front of the bandstand by the visiting Production Company and a backstage area can be secured with the Venue’s own crowd control fencing. There are hooks atop the bandstand structure to hang scenery from. It is not possible to drill or fix into the stage or bandstand structure.
  • As The Oval is situated in the centre of 4 acres of lawned public amenity space, so there can be a moderate level of ambient noise throughout the day.
  • The Oval’s stage is partially covered by the bandstand roof and the amphitheatre is completely exposed to the elements. Visiting Production Companies should prepare for any and all weather conditions.
  • The Oval has two large security lights which offer coverage of the whole amphitheatre. We recommend using these for evening performances, even to add a small amount of illumination as the sun sets.
  • Visiting Companies should consider sunset times when preparing their production.
  • The Oval can provide all front-of-house staff and a Venue Manager.
  • Additional technical information about the Venue can be found HERE.

Entertainment and Premises License

The Oval is licensed with Thanet District Council as follows:

Supply of Alcohol on and off the premises12pm-9pm12pm-9pm12pm-9pm12pm-9pm10am-9pm10am-9pm12pm-9pm
Recorded and Live Music12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-9pm10am-9pm12pm-6pm
Performance Play12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-9pm10am-9pm10am-9pm
Boxing / Wrestling12pm-9pm12pm-9pm12pm-9pm
Performance Dance12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-6pm12pm-9pm10am-9pm10am-9pm
To extend these times a TEN’s will be required.

Lighting & Sound

  • We recommend that visiting Production Companies bring their own stage lights for productions taking place during hours of darkness.
  • The Oval has a fixed multi-speaker PA system for announcements and mobile amplified sound equipment for up to 4 performers. Productions relying heavily on amplified sound should bring their own PAT-tested and weather-proof equipment. The technical crew for all Production’s must adhere to The Oval’s Noise Management Policy at all times.
  • There are power sockets available at the rear of the stage.
  • The Oval has several gazebos which can be used to protect electrical equipment or as a backstage changing area.
  • The Oval does not have an in-house technician. All visiting Production Companies must provide their own technician and/or stage manager.


  • All tickets are sold via The Oval’s ticketing platform (we use Eventbrite), or can be purchased at the box office in advance, or on the day of the performance (Eventbrite booking fees apply).
  • The visiting Production Company is entitled to 10 complimentary tickets per performance.
  • A Box Office Return will be issued to the Visiting Company, including a detailed breakdown of sales, within 14 days of the show’s final performance.


  • All productions are guaranteed inclusion on The Oval’s website.
  • All images and copy supplied must meet The Oval’s criteria and standards.
  • The Oval encourages visiting Production Companies to send printed material for display and distribution. These include posters, flyers and vinyl banners.
  • All printed material must include The Oval’s logo and website. Proofs must be emailed ahead for approval before going to print.
  • The Oval will endeavour to promote every production on its social media accounts and mailing list, with coverage increasing as performance dates grow closer.


  • Standard theatre performance times for a 2 hour show (including interval) are 11am, 3pm and 7pm on Friday’s and Saturday’s, and 11am and 3pm on Sunday’s.
  • Access times will be agreed in the contract. Standard times are 10am for a matinee and 2pm for an evening show. Vehicular access is possible and limited parking is available.
  • Gates open 1 hour before performances start.
  • Performances must finish by 9pm, and the premises must be vacated by 11pm Friday – Saturday, and 7pm on Sundays.
  • Access for rehearsals can be booked at an additional cost, subject to availability.


Visiting Production Companies must:

  • provide Public and Employers Liability Insurance documentation and a completed venue Risk Assessment.
  • inform The Oval if a PRS licence is required.
  • provide proof of performing rights if applicable.
  • provide Child Protection Policy documentation if applicable.
  • provide a completed Effects Plan if applicable.
  • complete a health and safety induction on arrival for all personnel.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a legally binding document, and is designed simply as an introductory guide to bringing a production to The Oval. If The Oval agrees to programme your production, an official contract will be issued with full and thorough details. Please read your official contract and accompanying appendices thoroughly before signing. Details in official contracts may differ from details in this document. This document is intended for productions submitting for performance in 2023, and is subject to change.