Wellbeing Instructors

The Oval Bandstand & Lawns are used by people of all ages, and of different fitness levels, as part of a healthy lifestyle. By applying to become an approved Fitness & Wellness Instructor at The Oval will give you the exciting opportunity of undertaking your activities in a truly unique coastal environment.

If you wish to use The Oval Bandstand & Lawns for personal training, or to run group fitness & wellness sessions, you must first apply. We approve instructors to ensure that:

  • The Oval Bandstand & Lawns are protected from litigation 
  • Access to and use of public open space is preserved for all visitors
  • All our visitors can benefit from, enjoy, and engage in fitness & wellness pursuits in a variety of outdoor environments
  • Fitness & Wellness instructors hold appropriate qualifications (based on industry best practice), and are fully insured and hold liability for participants safety.

Fitness & Wellness Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is:

  • To avoid conflict between those undertaking licensed fitness & wellness activities and other users.
  • To protect The Oval Bandstand & Lawns.
  • To ensure access to, and use of public open space, is preserved for all visitors.
  • To provide the opportunity for visitors to benefit from, enjoy and engage in fitness training & wellness pursuits in a variety of outdoor environments.
  • To ensure that Fitness & Wellness instructors are complying with current health and safety regulation and best industry practice for the safety and enjoyment of all participants.
  • To ensure that all instructors are fully insured and hold liability for participants safety, the owner of The Oval Bandstand & Lawns accept no liability for any activity related to outdoor fitness training as part of the agreement to operate.

Prohibited Areas

You are not permitted to use:

  • Areas within The Oval Bandstand & Lawns where fitness & wellness activities have a negative impact on other users and residents; e.g. intrusive noise, aggressive language, etc.
  • Areas of high pedestrian activity such as pathways and monuments.
  • Areas clearly marked as sports fields, any formal garden areas and other sensitive locations such as; flowerbeds, picnic areas, deck chair areas, long grass, meadow land, conservation areas, etc.
  • Areas closed for renovation or upgrading.
  • Any structures, including trees and furniture, must not be used for training purposes.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are not to be conducted by instructors:

  • Amplified music or audio equipment (except in the bandstand with prior written agreement), whistles and loud shouting or other intrusive noise-generating activities.
  • Aggressive, intimidating or unreasonably noisy training activities that interferes with the comfort of other visitors.
  • Use of objects that mark out an area to imply exclusive use.


All approved instructors must agree to abide by The Oval’s rules and regulations at all times. Non compliance means you are at risk of your approval being revoked and being asked to leave The Oval Bandstand & Lawns with immediate effect.

Fitness & Wellbeing Instructor Application

All operators must have valid PLI in place.
Drop your file here or click here to upload
If you intend to have staff, helpers, volunteers, etc. assisting you then you must have ELI in place before a licence can be issued
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