Wellbeing Classes

Welcome to The Oval Bandstand and Lawns, where fitness meets serenity in the heart of our vibrant community. At our picturesque location, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of wellness and empowerment through a diverse range of fitness classes designed to nourish mind, body, and soul.

Step into our oasis of health and vitality, where the lush greenery of the lawns provides the perfect backdrop for your fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning to explore a healthier lifestyle, our classes cater to all levels and interests.

From invigorating yoga sessions to heart-pumping boot camps, we offer something for everyone seeking to elevate their fitness routine. Our experienced instructors are passionate about guiding you on your path to wellness, offering expert guidance and personalised attention to help you reach your goals.

At The Oval Bandstand and Lawns, we believe that fitness is not just about physical strength, but also about finding balance and peace within. That’s why in addition to our fitness classes, we also offer mindfulness and meditation sessions to help you connect with your inner self and cultivate a sense of calm amidst the bustle of daily life.

Join us at The Oval Bandstand and Lawns and embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you. Let the tranquility of our surroundings and the energy of our community inspire you to unlock your full potential and embrace a life of wellness. Together, we’ll create a path to wellness that’s as beautiful and fulfilling as the setting that surrounds us.

Wellbeing Classes Timetable