Inclement Weather

Every performance is unique, but this is especially true at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns where the entire venue is uncovered and open to the elements.

Events held at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns (“The Oval”) go ahead in all types of weather. However, weather conditions at the coast do change quickly and can occasionally affect our ability to ensure the safety of participants. If severe weather is anticipated then The Oval’s Venue Manager(s) will do their best to decide if an event can continue the night before, or early morning prior to the event start time, however it would be extremely rare for us to cancel in advance. This is because you would be amazed how often it can rain all day and then clear up just in time for the action to start. Also, we really don’t want to disappoint anyone – organisers, audiences, or performers.

Should severe weather be forecast notifications will be sent via email, text, or telephone, to all third-party Event Organisers, Performers, and Ticket Holders (hereby collectively known as “Participants”) on the day of the event. The same means of communication will be used if additional messaging is required to inform Participants of any changes if we must leave the venue. If the event has started, and the weather worsens to the point where it is dangerous, The Oval’s Venue Manager(s) will verbally notify Participants to stop the event and vacate everyone from the venue.

  • Always check for notifications before you travel to the venue, please check your email and phone messages. We will continue to contact Participants via email, text, or by telephone when changes occur.
  • Events continue in rain unless conditions flood and prevent a safe working environment. We must vacate the lawns and bandstand area during storms. Events will be stopped due to storm winds, extremely heavy rain, lightning, and thunder, or as required to meet local rules, ordinances, or facility safety requirements. Generally, we must stop events and leave The Oval outdoor venue at the first sight of lightning, or clap of thunder. Venue Manager(s) will decide when we event can resume. The Oval stipulates that all Participants must wait 30 minutes since the last audible thunder or visual lightning before continuing the event.
  • Event format and schedule adjustments will be made by the Venue Manager(s) to safely continue events. The Venue Manager(s) may choose to shorten the event if the forecast predicts severe weather during or after the event start time. If the weather improves as the event progresses, the format/schedule may be expanded to maximise the event programme. The schedule and formats may be shortened at the discretion of the Venue Manager(s). If rescheduling is required, we will notify Participants of the revised event format and schedule.

Cancellations, Credits, and Refunds

If The Oval’s Venue Manager(s) choose to cancel an event due to inclement weather to maintain safety, they will endeavor to do so the night before, or on the morning of the event. In case of a cancelation before the advertised event start time, if it is an event organised by GRASS Cliftonville CIC (the operator of The Oval venue) we will offer Ticket Holders a credit to an equivalent value for entry to one of our future events, or a full refund via our ticketing platform. Refunds will not be given for cancellation or abandonment of a GRASS event because of inclement weather after the advertised event start time.

Third-party Event Organisers, including promoters and producers, will be offered the opportunity to reschedule their event if it is cancelled before it has started, however refunds of site hire fees will not be offered due to cancellation or abandonment because of inclement weather in any circumstances. Once an event starts the Venue Manager(s) will do their best to ensure it continues, however if it must be stopped for safety reasons, no refunds of site hire fees will be offered. If using The Oval’s online ticketing system third-party Event Organisers must follow our ticketing refund policy (please see above).

Performer(s) hired by GRASS Cliftonville CIC should refer to their Live Engagement Contract for full details on compensation for cancelled events at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns.