Oval Regeneration

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Planning Application

We recently submitted the following planning application documents to Thanet District Council:

The planning application reference is F/TH/23/1614 and the description is as follows:

Part retrospective application for a part change of use of the toilet block & store room (The Oval Pavilion) to an events bar and a cafe together with external alterations; use of amphitheatre for outdoor cinema/market/concert/sports/dance or theatre; external terrace for seating and access ramps, hand-rails within the bandstand amphitheatre; part demolition of sections of external wall to facilitate step-free access; installation of a timber fence and gates within the bandstand amphitheatre; installation of shipping containers to provide multiple retail/commercial/storage spaces and associated equipment and works; installation of a demountable perimeter fence [and] gates to amphitheatre auditorium for a temporary time period (31 December 2026); erection and display of non-illuminated information boards and site entrance signs across the site; installation of street furniture; creation of a wellness garden with outdoor gym and associated equipment and works; erection of a greenhouse, perimeter fence and gate within the existing garden maintenance area.

To propel these exciting initiatives forward please send a supportive email to: planning.services@thanet.gov.uk
For your email endorsement to be valid, please ensure to include the application reference number F/TH/23/1614, your full name, and your complete postal address.
Please note the new deadline for comments is Thursday, 14th March.
It is also possible to comment directly via TDC’s website quoting the reference number F/TH/23/1614: https://www.thanet.gov.uk/info-pages/planning-application-search/

The council will consider only ‘material considerations’ in relation to comments on planning applications, however it does not expect everyone to be an expert in planning law, so it is perfectly acceptable to simply state where you live, how the proposals will positively impact you, and the reasons behind your support. For those interested in offering a more detailed response regarding specific aspects of the planning application, comprehensive guidance notes are available below, which you can adapt and include in your comments.

Additionally, if you are aware of others who may share an interest in supporting this planning application, we encourage you to ask them to comment. Their involvement would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and we look forward to welcoming you to The Oval this summer.

GRASS Cliftonville CIC

Planning Guidance Notes

  1. The Oval’s planning application outlines a comprehensive strategy for the revitalisation of this historic coastal events venue. The careful consideration and attention to detail showcased in the proposals reflect the commitment of GRASS to creating a sustainable and vibrant community space that addresses the needs and desires of Cliftonville residents.
  2. GRASS Cliftonville CIC’s planning application centres on the transformation of a previously neglected site into a beacon of positive community use. The proposal not only envisions the physical rejuvenation of The Oval but also underscores the potential for it to become a thriving hub that fosters community engagement and social interaction. This aligns with the overarching goal of enhancing the quality of life for residents in Cliftonville.
  3. The proposed changes to The Oval aim to rectify years of neglect. By addressing the general disrepair of the area, the proposals create a renewed and appealing space that residents can take pride in. This approach reflects GRASS’s commitment to not only restoring the physical infrastructure but also uplifting the overall aesthetic and ambiance.
  4. The security measures outlined in the planning application for the amphitheatre are pivotal in mitigating longstanding issues of vandalism that have plagued this area of Cliftonville. By creating a secure and monitored public space, the proposal aims to instil a sense of safety and well-being, fostering a positive environment for residents and visitors alike.
  5. Inclusive design features, such as ramps and handrails, demonstrate The Oval’s commitment to accessibility. The incorporation of these elements ensures that The Oval is a welcoming space for individuals with disabilities and those with reduced mobility. This inclusivity aligns with broader societal values, promoting a community space that is accessible and enjoyable for all.
  6. The regular community consultations highlighted in the planning application, including surveys and engagement sessions, illustrate GRASS’s dedication to involving residents in the decision-making process. This transparent and participatory approach not only gathers valuable insights from the community but also fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration in the regeneration efforts.
  7. The proposed addition of a wellness garden reflects GRASS’s commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity enhancement. Beyond the aesthetic improvements, these features contribute to the overall well-being of the community by providing green spaces that promote relaxation, connection with nature, and a sense of tranquillity.
  8. The introduction of CCTV-equipped bicycle storage areas is a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation options. By providing a secure and monitored space for bicycles, the planning application encourages residents to opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation, thereby reducing the community’s carbon footprint.
  9. The decision to reuse the existing pavilion and kiosk structures in the planning application underscores GRASS’s commitment to sustainability. This approach minimises waste and repurposes existing resources, aligning with contemporary environmental values, and contributing to the overall eco-friendliness of the regeneration project.
  10. The planning application’s alignment with community preferences, as evidenced by positive feedback received during engagement sessions, reflects GRASS’s responsiveness to the needs of Cliftonville residents. This community-oriented approach ensures that the regeneration efforts resonate with the local population and contribute positively to their daily lives.
  11. The proposed improvements to infrastructure and amenities within The Oval have the potential to significantly enhance the daily lives of Cliftonville residents. By creating a more functional and appealing space, the regeneration project aims to provide residents with a community hub that meets their recreational, social, and cultural needs.
  12. The enhancement of green spaces, including the wellness garden and wildflower meadow, showcased in the planning application, demonstrates a deep-rooted environmental consciousness. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, this commitment to greenery contributes to the overall sustainability of the community space, promoting biodiversity and enhancing the ecological resilience of the area.
  13. The inclusivity in design, with features such as ramps and handrails, ensures that people of all abilities can fully enjoy and benefit from The Oval’s amenities. This commitment to accessibility reflects a forward-thinking and inclusive approach, acknowledging the diversity of the community and striving to create a space that is universally welcoming.
  14. The proposed wellness garden in the planning application holds the potential to contribute significantly to the overall well-being of the community. By providing a peaceful and rejuvenating space, this feature adds a dimension to The Oval that goes beyond physical infrastructure, addressing the holistic health and happiness of residents.
  15. The community-oriented approach adopted by GRASS, including regular newsletters and updates, ensures that residents are kept informed and engaged throughout the regeneration process. This transparent communication strategy fosters a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility, enhancing the overall success and acceptance of the proposed development.
  16. The increased biodiversity resulting from the addition of trees and shrubs aligns with the community’s expressed desire for a greener and more environmentally conscious space. This commitment to enhancing biodiversity not only contributes to the ecological health of the area but also provides residents with a closer connection to nature.
  17. The flexibility provided by the proposed design, including the reuse of existing structures and the use of shipping containers, ensures an adaptive and forward-looking community space. This flexibility allows The Oval to evolve over time, accommodating a wide range of potential uses and ensuring its long-term relevance and positive impact on the Cliftonville community.
  18. The planned shipping container retail units, strategically integrated into the design, hold the potential to nurture new businesses within the community. By providing a platform for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their ventures, the proposal aligns with the broader goal of fostering local economic development. This approach not only adds vibrancy to the community space but also contributes to the sustainability and resilience of the local economy.
  19. The emphasis in the planning application on local employment opportunities reflects GRASS’s commitment to community development beyond the physical aspects of the regeneration project. By actively promoting job creation, especially among the youth demographic, the proposal aims to contribute to the long-term socio-economic vitality of Cliftonville.
  20. The incorporation of covered seating areas guarantees that visitors will be shielded from both the sun and rain, thereby minimising the likelihood of community events being cancelled or curtailed due to adverse weather conditions.