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A New Wellness Garden at The Oval

The goal of The Oval’s Wellness Garden will be to foster the physical, mental, and spiritual restoration of local people and visitors by providing a series of garden spaces connected by paths to create a tranquil and sheltered environment. The garden will be seen from private residential properties that overlook The Oval and will offer respite for many residents who do not have access to outdoor space.

We hope The Oval Wellness Garden will have many special features to ensure it is a vibrant and engaging ‘Garden of the Senses’, including: 

  • Winding pathways to create a sense of discovery
  • Bird friendly water features
  • Bug and bee hotels
  • Grow yourself modules
  • Seating to enjoy the surroundings
  • Meditation areas 
  • Mirrors and lighting to elevate the scene
  • Scented flowers

The proposed ‘Grow Yourself’ modules will create mini gardens that can be maintained by individuals and groups and are one of the main features of the site. Because The Oval is a large site, the modules are an important part of how the different areas and spaces will be created. These modules will be very colourful, and some will be used as benches and seats. 

GRASS is also developing proposals for an outdoor gym area within the wellness garden. If funding is secured this project will not only enhance the excellent green spaces at The Oval but will also make sure there are no barriers to being able to enjoy regular exercise and stay healthy with the introduction of our fully interactive gym equipment. 

We are currently asking for your comments and suggestions for The Oval’s Wellness Garden, if you would like to have you say please CLICK HERE and scroll down to the survey.