Little Champs Boxing / Matar

Welcome to Little Champs boxing classes at The Oval Bandstand, suitable for everyone aged 4 and above! Get ready to punch, jab, and dodge your way to fitness and confidence in a dynamic outdoor setting.

Led by experienced boxing instructor Matar, his classes kick off with a light warm-up to get your muscles primed and ready for action. You’ll then dive into strength and conditioning exercises to build power and endurance, followed by intensive pad work, bag work, and footwork drills to sharpen your boxing skills.

After an exhilarating session of hitting the pads and bags, you’ll cool down with a series of stretching exercises to promote flexibility and prevent injury.

In addition to the group classes, Little Champs offer personalised one-on-one sessions and adult classes to cater to individual goals and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned boxer seeking to enhance your technique, Matar’s boxing classes at The Oval Bandstand offer something for everyone.

Join Matar at The Oval and unleash your inner champion as you train like a pro in the great outdoors!

Frequency, Duration and Location

  • Adult’s Class: Saturdays, 10am – 11am (in the bandstand)
  • Children’s Class: Saturdays, 11am – 12pm (in the bandstand)

Scroll down to see Matar’s classes listed on The Oval’s Wellbeing Timetable.


  • Adult’s Class – £5 per session
  • Children’s Class – £3 per session

Enquiries and Bookings

Please phone or text Matar on +447368263196, message via social media, or send an email using the contact form below.

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