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Julie invites women of all ages to join her in learning how to effectively manage pelvic floor, tummy, and lower back problems. These sessions are tailored to help participants connect with and strengthen their core and pelvic floor muscles, essential for overall health and wellbeing.

No matter your age, these sessions are designed to address common issues related to pelvic floor and core dysfunction. Whether you’re looking to prevent future problems or seeking assistance with ongoing issues, Julie’s classes offer practical solutions and support.

Having personally experienced many of these challenges herself, Julie, now post-menopausal, shares her knowledge and expertise to empower others on their journey to better health. Join her for a taster class to discover how you can take control of your wellbeing and learn effective strategies for managing and improving pelvic floor and core health.

Frequency, Duration and Location

  • Tuesdays, 11am – 12pm (in the bandstand)

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  • £5 per session

Enquiries and Bookings

Please phone or text Julie on +447932632094, send a message via social media, or email using the contact form below.

Website: Julie Bartlett

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