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Oval Regeneration Works Update

Hey everyone! We’d like to repost some news we recently shared in our summer newsletter and on our socials!
Earlier this year, we kicked off a programme of essential maintenance and renovation. To keep things safe and smooth during the construction, we’ve put up Heras fencing around the bandstand. So, for now, the bandstand amphitheatre is closed during the day, except when we have a scheduled event. But don’t worry, the closure is only temporary! We promise! 
Now, here’s the awesome part! Our main aim has always been to make sure that EVERYONE in our amazing community can enjoy the venue without any barriers or exclusions, so we’ve built a brand new fully accessible terrace with no steps at all! It even has a ramp down to the bandstand, so you can get up close and personal with our fantastic performers. We’re also constructing more ramps between the amphitheatre terraces to make the entire venue completely step-free for anyone with reduced mobility. How amazing is that? 
Wait, there’s more! We’re also fixing up the hard-standing because, unfortunately, it started breaking apart in a few areas. Safety is our top priority, so we want to make sure it’s as safe as can be for all our lovely visitors. 
We’ve got some big news this week too! The bandstand renovation is finally complete! It was quite a task because it was in a terrible state after years of neglect. We had to remove the roof, repair all sixteen metal panels, and secure them back in place with even more fixings to brave those coastal winds. But wait till you see it now up close! With festoon lighting and everything, it’s looking absolutely fabulous! Oh, and guess what? The weather vane is working again after years of staying still!
Okay, so the weather earlier this year was a bit of a downer for our plans. But please rest assured we’re working our socks off to make sure all the essential work is done before the school summer holidays start on 21st July. We really appreciate your patience during this time, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the venue! You’re going to love all the incredible improvements we’ve made!
While we’re still finishing up the works, we want to remind you that you’re always welcome to join us at any of our popular events. And guess what? Most of them are FREE! Head over to our Eventbrite page for all the juicy details, and we hope to see you there, having a blast!
That’s it for now, folks! Keep an eye out for more updates, and remember to spread the word about the amazing things happening at #TheOvalBandstand. We’re here for you, and we can’t wait to see your happy faces enjoying all the awesomeness we’ve created together!