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Gemma is a highly experienced and fully qualified Level-3 mat-based Pilates teacher with over two decades of experience in the fitness industry. Alongside her Pilates certification, she holds other relevant qualifications including Personal Training Level 3, ETM Level 2, GP Referral Level 3, BACPR Cardiac Rehab Level 4, and is currently studying Level 3 Massage Therapy at college.

Having spent 18 years at Sandwich Leisure Centre as a GP Referral Coordinator, Cardiac Rehab Instructor, and Group Exercise Teacher, Gemma has extensive experience working with diverse demographics, ranging from early teens to the elderly, and individuals with various health conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, musculoskeletal problems, obesity, anxiety, and depression. She has always been passionate about helping people overcome barriers to exercise and improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Driven by her lifelong love for sports and exercise, Gemma finds particular joy in the positive impact it has on her mental health and wellbeing. Currently, she teaches Pilates for GOGA Dover in the community and offers private classes at TOR Spa Retreat.

Gemma’s passion for Pilates stems from its effectiveness in promoting muscular strength, stability, and flexibility. She believes in the method’s ability to realign and strengthen the body through repetitive exercises focusing on precision, flow, and centring, with core strength forming the foundation. Pilates encourages mindfulness and deep breathing, promoting relaxation and improved circulation for optimal bodily function.

As a supportive and encouraging teacher, Gemma ensures that everyone exercises within their own level of ability, offering gentle encouragement for progression or regression of exercises as necessary. She tailors exercises to suit individual needs and encourages consistency in attendance and practice, both in class and at home, emphasising the importance of regular movement and belief in one’s body.

Testimonials speak to Gemma’s professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for her Pilates classes, ensuring individual needs are understood and addressed with care and precision.

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