Oval Event Advisory Group

GRASS Cliftonville CIC are pleased that members of the local community have shown an interest in joining the Oval Event Advisory Group (EAG) and offered to give up their time on a voluntary unpaid basis, whilst using their expertise, to help us meet our aims & objectives for The Oval Bandstand community space: 

Cultural activities strengthen the bonds in community, but some factors such as distance, cost, social isolation, or disability, might prevent an audience from participating. By bringing fully inclusive community events to The Oval Bandstand, GRASS Cliftonville CIC endeavours to help residents become more engaged, and attract people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, with the ultimate goal of creating cultural parity with that of more affluent areas. We aim to address preconceptions that might inhibit some people from participating in community events, by building a positive, informative, and welcoming environment in which the barriers between the art, artists and guests are diminished, creating a fully inclusive community events venue in Cliftonville.

The Oval’s Vision

To help us foster engagement with the community, and to ensure our events meet our objectives, we have created the Oval Event Advisory Group, which sits at the intersection of dozens of volunteers, the GRASS Cliftonville community group and governing committees, and the GRASS Cliftonville CIC Board.

The Oval EAG will ensure that the voices of our community are heard, so volunteers have the tools and information they need and that the work they undertake aligns with GRASS Cliftonville’s strategic priorities at The Oval Bandstand. The group also facilitates the sharing of good practice.


  • The Oval EAG will be led by an independent Chair appointed annually by the GRASS Cliftonville CIC Board. 
  • The Oval EAG, which will fully adhere to our diversity policy, will comprise of members from local community groups, and up to 15 recognised industry professionals from across the event sector, including: cultural, sport and business events, performers, creatives, venues, etc. 
  • Following an application process, initial group members will be invited to participate annually by the GRASS Cliftonville CIC Board.
  • Non-members may be invited to attend meetings where appropriate. 
  • The GRASS Cliftonville CIC Board will provide the coordination and secretariat for the Oval EAG.

Role of Members

  • Members are required to regularly attend meetings. 
  • Members will represent the views of their organisations and, where possible, the aspect of the events sector that they represent.
  • Members will proactively engage in the setting of meeting agendas and play an active part in taking forward agreed actions in line with the stated aims & objectives of the Oval EAG.
  • Members will identify additional voices, insights and information that should be shared with the group and can contribute to achieve its aims & objectives.

Regularity of Meetings

  • The regularity of meetings and communication will be responsive to requirements and developments, but members should expect to participate in a minimum of 4 meetings annually.
  • Regularity of meetings will be agreed by the group.

Apply to Join the Oval Event Advisory Group (EAG)

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