CLIFFtalks are Margate’s very own version of TEDtalks, thirteen-minute presentations that are short and engaging.

CLIFFtalks, formerly known as Cliftonville Classrooms, were held in at the Cliftonville Games 2019, and were run by GRASS volunteers. The CLIFFtalks marquee is where members of our community can share short, carefully prepared talks or stories that are ideas-focused, covering subjects that foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and, most importantly, provoke conversations relevant to our lives here in Thanet.

The talks covered topics that matter to the whole community including, environment, wellbeing & health, and innovation. CLIFFtalks had a wonderfully eclectic group of speakers talking about all manner of interesting topics and, best of all, the talks were totally FREE to enter!

Simon Bell, Director

CLIFFtalks will return soon, but until then here are the talks we recorded for posterity from 2019…..

Ageless Thanet – Click HERE to view on YouTube

Opening this year’s Cliftonville Classrooms is our brilliant sponsor Aeless Thanet with an engaging talk on perceptions of aging, combating loneliness and the joys of volunteering here in Thanet.

Making a Buzz – Click HERE to view on YouTube

A buzzy talk about the ambitious Bumblebee Conservation Trust project, which spans 135 miles of Kent’s coastline from Dartford to Deal, and focuses on restoring and creating habitat for Kent’s wild bees, especially the Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum).

Encourage Wellbeing – Click HERE to view on YouTube

An introcuction to an innovative programme that promotes healthy lifestyle choices and eating. This brand new approach will help you to change your relationship with food for good, resulting in a happier, healthier you, forever.

Amy Redmond / Sink the Pink – Click HERE to view on YouTube

Director of Margate Pride, and founder of Sink The Pink, talks the importance of allies in the LGBTQ+ community and how we can all do our bit.

Isle of Thanet News – Click HERE to view on YouTube

The importance of local journalism in the community with The Isle of Thanet News’ team of ace reporters.